How to use Google Meet - For Students - A step by step guide

In this article, we will look at the Google Meet Application in detail, we will focus on Student specific features. If you are a Teacher, your interface is discussed in a separate article here : Link

Screenshots shown in this article are taken on a Laptop, with the application accessed through a browser. If you use other devices like Phones or Tablets, the layout of the screen and the placement of the buttons will change, but the features and functionality will remain the same (We tested it on many devices).

Starting Google Meet


Type "" in the URL of the browser
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 103144 PM

Enter the "Meet Code" shared by the Teacher
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 80410 PM
If the School uses "GSuite for Education", you do not need to provide the "Meet Code", you can login with Gmail and join the live session with the link displayed on the "Class Card"

Enter your E-mail address
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 81908 PM

Enter your password
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 80517 PM

Approve the necessary Browser permissions
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 80615 PM


Click "Join now", you will join after the Teacher approves your request
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 80803 PM


Google Meet Interface

Sample : All the available controls in Google Meet are displayed below.
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 103647 PM


Class Conduct

Turn off the microphone and camera if the Teacher has instructed you upfront
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 103757 PM


Features and Settings

"Turn on captions" if you follow them better or if your audio is not clear
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 103952 PM


You can adjust the audio in settings, you can choose a different set of speakers for better listening
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 104117 PM

The "Receive Resolution" is available in 360p and 720p, the later being higher
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 104119 PM
If the broadcast is in 720p, you switch to 720p as well for more video clarity



The "People Tab" shows all the members of the Class
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 104833 PM

The "Chat Tab" displays the Class messages
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 105809 PM
Post your Questions in the chat, Teacher may answer them right away or choose to answer towards the end of the session

Hang up at the end of the session
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 111850 PM



We see that Google Meet is fairly simple, all we need to know is the location of the controls, hopefully, we discussed most of them in this article. If there is any specific question for us, which we have not answered already, you can please post it to the comments below. We will try to explore the answer.

Google Meet can be accessed from various devices and we have discussed them in detail here : Link

If you use Google Classroom also, a detailed demo of its features for Students is here : Link


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