How to use Google Classroom - For Students - A step by step guide

In this article, we will look at the Google Classroom Application in detail, we will focus on Student specific features. If you are a Teacher, your interface is discussed in a separate article here : Link

Screenshots shown in this article are taken on a Laptop, with the application accessed through a browser. If you use other devices like Phones or Tablets, the layout of the screen and the placement of the buttons will change, but the features and functionality will remain the same (We tested it on many devices).


Starting Google Classroom


Type "" in the URL of the browser
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 101215 AM

Provide your E-mail address
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 81908 PM

Enter your password
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 80517 PM

If enabled, Enter your 2 Factor Authentication Code
Screenshot 2020 05 28 At 80551 PM

How to join a class

If the School is already subscribed to "GSuite For Education", "Class code" is not needed for joining the class. You can login with the Gmail id provided by your School and join the class with the "Join" invitation button displayed on the "Class Card".

For accounts NOT under "GSuite For Education", the process is mentioned below:

Click "Join Class"
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 102930 AM

Enter the "Class Code" provided by the Teacher
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 103031 AM

The Interface

This is the opening screen of a Subject, the "Stream Tab" displays all the class messages. "Google meet " link will display when the class is live. Notice the messages posted by the Teacher related to Assignments?

Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 112910 AM


The "Classwork Tab" includes:

  • Topic selection (Chapter selection)
  • Assignments (Teacher given work)
  • Calendar (Where events and timelines are displayed)
  • Google Drive (Where the class files are stored)

The Teacher already created a couple of Assignments for you

  • A regular "Assignment" (Home Work etc..)
  • A "Quiz Assignment" (To evaluate)

Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 112945 AM


The "People Tab" will show the participating members of the class
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 113035 AM


How to Take Up Assignments

This example shows a "Quiz Assignment" that the Teacher has created to evaluate your learning. You can open it by clicking the Attachment. Quiz attachments are usually made with Google Forms.
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 113141 AM


Answering a Quiz Assignment is fairly straight forward
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 113230 AM

You can also view your score
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 113247 AM

You can check if your answers are correct and the Teacher's explaining
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 113257 AM

How to communicate

You can discuss the Assignments and Class related events in the messages, there are 2 comment areas

  1. Class Comments (As the name suggests, will show to the entire class)
  2. Private Comments (Are displayed only to the Teacher)

Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 113203 AM


A sample message for the Teacher is shown below
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 113522 AM

A response from the Teacher

Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 114357 AM


How to check the Calendar

Calendar button is shown in the "Classroom Tab" or can be accessed with the URL


Events and Assignments are shown, timeline for submission of the Assignments is also displayed
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 113707 AM

A single click on the Calendar event will display the preview
Screenshot 2020 05 29 At 113718 AM


We see that Google Classroom is fairly simple, all we need to know is the location of the controls, hopefully, we discussed most of them in this article. If there is any specific question for us, which we have not answered already, you can please post it to the comments below. We will try to explore the answer.

Google Classroom can be accessed from various devices and we have discussed them in detail here : Link

If you use Google Meet also, a detailed demo of its features for Students is here : Link


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